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Traffic to Penghu is convenient , from Taiwan to Penghu, just 25 to 50 minutes by plane. 
Automobile, motorcycle rental convenience, people and vehicles together can boat from Kaohsiung ... 
1. From Kaohsiung, Taiwan and China take the wheel (pleasant car the same boat) 
2. From Chiayi boat 
3. from Tainan take this star Kazuyuki 

[Location and feature]
23.5 Blue is located in the Penghu Cross-sea Bridge (near Key West), behind the house there is clear water between the vast intertidal, shell sand beach.
Penghu Island, the most classic tourist attractions, distributed in 23.5 azure Bed surrounding about 1 to 15 minutes, for example: an aquarium, a large banyan tree, Bridge, righteous Palace, crab museum, whale hole, grassland and old house settlements, west Taiwan ancient Fort Key West sunsetting, and salty little-known attractions ... etc. 
Day and night presents a different style of beauty here, you can take a leisurely heart, light rail vehicles, stroll, enjoy a variety of different style of pastoral scenery; or take a stroll on the beach behind the house, lying still enjoy the sunset fishing boat, cockle and try their hand, or indulge Bridge light reflection, starry, quiet contemplation.